Woo Hoo, got my car back, ok so it came to far too much money, but it’s working better than ever!  So almost worth all the hassle  and the £12 taxi fare to school this morning….also it does mean my trip up the M1 on sunday will be a little more happy, won’t be worried about calling out those lovely men in their orange vans…

Speaking of…it’s looking set to be an epic few days…..

Tomorrow, usual Saturday things with my daughter, then she’s off to her dads and my friend M and I are off out!  Dinner at a pub first, then back to hers to get all pretty, well as best as we can, before hitting the casino…..she’s hoping for men with money, more like men losing money….but should be a good night.  Staying over at hers so we can have a proper de-brief in the morning. 

Then I think I’ll need a nap, as I get to spend 2 nights in a row with my man!  I think he’s wants to make up for last time (if you’ve read previous entries you’ll know).  And I want to make the most of it too!!!

Back home early tuesday for work, and then my amazing step brother (who knows people, if you know what I mean) is taking my daughter and I off to the ballet in London, and because he knows people we get to go backstage after….can’t even begin to describe how excited my daughter is….

Anyway more of those as they happen….Wishing you all a happy weekend too xxx


Bloody Cars

Ok, so last week I was very proud of myself for rememebering to get my car MOT’d in time.  Two days later my car started behaving a little oddly, and has continued to do so all week.  Knowing I’m driving 100 miles on Sunday, and back Tuesday, I thought I’d better get it checked out.  To took it to the lovely men at a garage I’ve used before to have a look.  I was fairly sure it was the clutch, but was told it could only be the spark plugs, but neither are things I could check.  Oil and water – no problem, anything else….forget it!

Handed the key over and sat down to wait….30 minutes later the verdict arrived….it was the clutch.  The real damage was the cost though £450 – worst case scenario he said….So off I trotted to work, in the office today, but that’s another story.  Finished work, had some lunch, pottered around town and inevitably ended up at my friend M’s house.  Cup of tea and a chat, and the phone call came…’s serious…..oil is in the clutch, needs a part that won’t be available till tomorrow…and the cost is now £500…..BLOODY HELL

I just don’t have that kind of money, but I do need my car, my dad’s advice was: is it worth fixing?  well I can’t afford another so unless he was going to buy me one, I just need to borrow the money to get it fixed.  This has also left me up the creek without the proverbial paddle tomorrow…So much thought and head scratching means taxi’s….more bloody money!!!

It’s a time’s like this when I wished I’d found a rental place closer to my daughters school….

Ho Hum…..

Stuff and Things

I really don’t cope well when I don’t have my daughter.   (I may have mentioned this before)

Sunday, after she was collected by her father I went into town and traded in her old computer games and bought the new one she wanted….as instructed!  Bought myself some new sexy undies from a well known adult shop, a puzzle book and a loaf of bread and a cake from a well known bakers (beginning with G).  ‘Oh the excitement’ I hear you say….well that was the highlight of my day.  My man was being the family man he is, so had no time for me.  So I was tired, pissed off and decided that it was fine to eat half the loaf of bread straight from the bag with butter infront of the  telly….didn’t actually move for the rest of the day, apart from the necessary’s!

Went to bed feeling like crap, woke up monday morning feeling like crap!  And despite efforts from a couple of friends to talk, I just couldn’t do it, so practically ignored the world for the day.  A p.j day in the strictest sense of the term!

Woke up this morning determined to snap out of my doom and gloom mood.  I had to work for one thing!  So put on my slightly rusty ‘armour’ and went out to face the day.  Work done, been to Asda, made cakes, done the ironing, and I feel so much better for it.  I’m not madly happy but I’m getting there……

Bored, Lonely, and Want To Be Taken Out

And the title pretty much say’s it all…

Another lonely Sunday and Monday for me…

I’m sure I was never meant to be alone.  I am perfectly well aware that it was my choice to leave my ex, and I, in no way, regret leaving him.  And I know I am very much in love with someone I cannot have…

Homework/Single Life

Now my daughter is at secondary school we made a deal that she would do all her homework on her own unles she was really really stuck.  Mostly this has worked well, she’s had some interesting work to do and I’m more than happy to help out, and on the odd occasion I have been known to stick my nose in even when it wasn’t wanted or needed!

But her father bought her a netbook for Christmas, which is a godsend as it means I don’t have to relinquish my laptop for endless hours of research……and youtube downloads!  So of course it doesn’t work with my printer….can I work out why? No, I blooming can’t!  I follow the instructions, read every silly little box on the screen and still can’t get the damn thing to work.  Found the easiest way is for her to e-mail me her homework so I can print it from my laptop….not the idea at all!  So I’m going to have to grin and bear it at the weekend when I’ll have to ask her father why I can’t add my printer to my daughters netbook……grrrrr doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.

I’m really begining to get the hang of this looking after myself lark though, I booked my car in for it’s MOT a week early (which means I remembered when it was due) and managed somehow to sweet talk the guy in the garage to sorting out the dodgy lights on my dashboard and topping up my brake fluid for no extra cost!!!  Yay me!!!!!!!!

Busy Days

Not written for a few days, not because I’ve had nothing to say, just too much going on to even try and sit down for long enough to type anything!

So I saw my man on monday night and after both of us busting a gut to drive the 2 hours up the motorway to get there for 4pm so we could have as much time together as possible,  it all became a bit of an anti-climax.  Now I know he is a man, but he has had excellent staying power on previous occasions…..3 times in 12 hours, always good for me….but this time….hmmmm……

Ok so enough brooding on what didn’t happen, perhaps I’ll be a little more demanding next time!  Came home to find another letter from my solicitor demanding money, and another asking me what I want to do next….needed to pay one before I could deal with the other really! So afer a torturous half an hour I think I may be another step closer to getting this damned divorce finalised.

On a better note, my daughter has been a joy this week, hardly whinged or moaned at all!  And major thanks have to go to one of my bestie’s.  I picked her up Monday morning and she did the same for me Tuesday afternoon.  What would we do without the certainties in our lives.  I know my daughter is always ready for ‘mummy hugs’, and friends stick by us through thick and thin no matter what life throws our way.

Good Day…Bad Day….

I’ve had this hideous cold for 4 days now, and to be perfectly honest I’m sick and tired of it….quite literally…I threw up this morning from coughing too hard.  My colds normally last 24-48 hours max, so think this one is hanging around to piss me off because I’m so run down at the moment.  This divorce lark is no lark….it’s bloody hard work and incredibly stressful.  I’m surrounded by people telling me how wonderfully I’m coping and how strong I’m being both for myself and my daughter.  I’m tired of being strong and tired of coping….I just want it all done and settled so I can move on properly.  I want my life to re-start…

So also a good day…..had the most amazing conversation with my man……ok so 2 hours on Blackberry messenger isn’t the greatest, but it’s all we get at the moment…..and I’m seeing him Monday…and Tuesday so will get my Tuesday morning kisses again, and just thinking of them brings the biggest smile to my face.  We talk so openly about the most intimate things.  I know text sex is fairly normal these days, but it’s what we discuss after that is even more intimate.  I know I’ve missed him over the last couple of months and want Monday to be special for us both, but worried I’ll over do it…..

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