What is it with the weekend?

Yes, it’s still only eight o’clock on saturday morning, but I’ve been given cause to write already!

So there I was dozing in bed at seven ish….when I heard my daughter (we’ll call her L11) getting up…..now this is mad, during the week when I struggle to get her up for school at 7.30, the weekend she can hop out of bed at 7.15, saying she couldn’t sleep!  Why can’t she do that during the week, it would save so many arguments and general whingyness on both sides?

She does have cold, well a snotty nose, so she’s worked her way through two boxes of tissues in the last day and a half, so I guess this may have something to do with the early rise.  I’m dreading entering her bedroom….the floor will be carpeted with disgusting snotty tissues…ewwww.

And what will happen tomorrow when she needs to get up before nine to go to her fathers?  Yep, you guessed….arguments and whinging!



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  1. John
    Jan 07, 2012 @ 08:27:39

    Sounds like a well adjusted, typically contrary daughter to me. You’ve got to cut her some slack for being ill though. I’d just give her a bin bag and tell her to put the tissues in there.
    I used to find that going in to wake the kids for school was always a source of conflict, so we got them alarm clocks and sat them down to discuss at what time it should be set. After a while, they got used to it and it worked better than waking them ourselves. At least the alarm clock was the bad guy and not me!


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