Lonely Evenings

So it’s another lonely Sunday night for me, it seemed such a good idea at the beginning , that the ex got L from Sunday mornings through to dropping her off at school on Tuesday morning.  But the more Sunday’s I spend on my own the less it seems such a good idea.  I’ve cleaned my flat from top to bottom, even cleaned out the hair trap in the shower…totally disgusting, but at least the water will drain away now!  I walked the two miles to the supermarket and back, just to get milk and loo roll, managed to spin that out for an hour.  Did feel good to get out and have some fresh air though.  I always used to go out for a drive, but petrol is too bloody expensive for that release now.  I spent a good couple of hours playing stupid games on the Wii and messaging my friend via bbm.

I just feel like I’m going round in circles…..

I have some sort of love life, but it’s so damn complicated I can’t even begin to explain it here…though I’m sure parts of it may well crop up if I continue to write.  He’s a huge part of my life, but also not in it either.  I would possibly go so far as to say I might be mildly obsessed by him….but he seems to feel the same about me.  I miss him terribly, and I could go on and on and on and on……but won’t or you’ll die of boredom.

My friend – Monica thinks I need to see other guys…..


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