Generous Kids….

Who says kids don’t give us anything?

My charming daughter has given me her cold, I blooming hate having colds, can’t sleep, can’t eat, but also struggle to keep my eyes open and demolish any food that comes my way.  Why???

So spent most of last night making a pile of snotty tissues on my bedroom floor and not sleeping much, tried to go back to sleep this morning, after taking said child to school, and wouldn’t you know it….I couldn’t…..grrrrr.  Then of course I I had to work this afternoon.  Now, I work outside with groups of children, and working with kids while having a stuffy head is not the best way to do things!  Nevertheless I survived, but do not feel better for having spent 2 and a half hours outside!

She is completely unremorseful that she has passed her cold onto me, despite the fact I am struggling to assist with homework and sort dinner out, and reply to a work e-mail.  The normal day-to-day multi tasking I normally do without even thinking about, and usually doing more besides.  So I can’t work out why her new netbook doesn’t like my printer….dinner is miss timed and my work e-mail I deleted twice before finally replying!

Luckily from past experience I know my colds only last between 24 and 36 hours so by this time tomorrow, the printer WILL work, dinner WILL all be cooked at the same time and hopefully not too many e-mails to deal with!


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  1. John
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 18:46:02

    Stress, stress and a bit more stress then. Well, kids just aren’t designed to have empathy, you’ll have to with until she’s about 18-20 years old for that!
    Still, keeping busy and being ill is a heck of a lot better than being idle and ill, at least the time passes quicker.
    Now, computers and printers. That’s supposed to be easy these days isn’t it?
    I guess that’s no then!


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