Good Day…Bad Day….

I’ve had this hideous cold for 4 days now, and to be perfectly honest I’m sick and tired of it….quite literally…I threw up this morning from coughing too hard.  My colds normally last 24-48 hours max, so think this one is hanging around to piss me off because I’m so run down at the moment.  This divorce lark is no lark….it’s bloody hard work and incredibly stressful.  I’m surrounded by people telling me how wonderfully I’m coping and how strong I’m being both for myself and my daughter.  I’m tired of being strong and tired of coping….I just want it all done and settled so I can move on properly.  I want my life to re-start…

So also a good day…..had the most amazing conversation with my man……ok so 2 hours on Blackberry messenger isn’t the greatest, but it’s all we get at the moment…..and I’m seeing him Monday…and Tuesday so will get my Tuesday morning kisses again, and just thinking of them brings the biggest smile to my face.  We talk so openly about the most intimate things.  I know text sex is fairly normal these days, but it’s what we discuss after that is even more intimate.  I know I’ve missed him over the last couple of months and want Monday to be special for us both, but worried I’ll over do it…..


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  1. John
    Jan 13, 2012 @ 20:21:24

    And still more ‘poor you’! No wonder you’re struggling to just keep going.
    People don’t realise how your whole world has been tipped upside down and your emotions strewn on the floor for you to scramble back into some kind of order.
    Thank goodness you have someone who cares for you and vice versa even if you can’t be together.Don’t worry about overdoing it on Monday-Tuesday, you probably both need that in equal measure.


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