Busy Days

Not written for a few days, not because I’ve had nothing to say, just too much going on to even try and sit down for long enough to type anything!

So I saw my man on monday night and after both of us busting a gut to drive the 2 hours up the motorway to get there for 4pm so we could have as much time together as possible,  it all became a bit of an anti-climax.  Now I know he is a man, but he has had excellent staying power on previous occasions…..3 times in 12 hours, always good for me….but this time….hmmmm……

Ok so enough brooding on what didn’t happen, perhaps I’ll be a little more demanding next time!  Came home to find another letter from my solicitor demanding money, and another asking me what I want to do next….needed to pay one before I could deal with the other really! So afer a torturous half an hour I think I may be another step closer to getting this damned divorce finalised.

On a better note, my daughter has been a joy this week, hardly whinged or moaned at all!  And major thanks have to go to one of my bestie’s.  I picked her up Monday morning and she did the same for me Tuesday afternoon.  What would we do without the certainties in our lives.  I know my daughter is always ready for ‘mummy hugs’, and friends stick by us through thick and thin no matter what life throws our way.


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  1. summerof69
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 20:35:14

    Wow, you certainly were keen, driving all that way. No wonder you felt a bit let down. Yes, being assertive is definitely a smart move if your man is indifferent to your needs. Wake up mister, finish the bloody job!
    Damned Solicitors, they should know what to do next, not ask you. The trouble is, they just love to string things out. The more you can agree with your husband the better. Solicitors will just bleed you dry. Go and see the solicitor together if you can do that without throttling each other.
    Aren’t kids a joy, (when you don’t want to brain them) I still get hugs from mine and they’re 20 and 24. You’re never too old to hug your Mum or Dad.
    And unconditional friendship is just wonderful. Just one or two gems like that in our lives make everything so much sweeter.


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