Stuff and Things

I really don’t cope well when I don’t have my daughter.   (I may have mentioned this before)

Sunday, after she was collected by her father I went into town and traded in her old computer games and bought the new one she wanted….as instructed!  Bought myself some new sexy undies from a well known adult shop, a puzzle book and a loaf of bread and a cake from a well known bakers (beginning with G).  ‘Oh the excitement’ I hear you say….well that was the highlight of my day.  My man was being the family man he is, so had no time for me.  So I was tired, pissed off and decided that it was fine to eat half the loaf of bread straight from the bag with butter infront of the  telly….didn’t actually move for the rest of the day, apart from the necessary’s!

Went to bed feeling like crap, woke up monday morning feeling like crap!  And despite efforts from a couple of friends to talk, I just couldn’t do it, so practically ignored the world for the day.  A p.j day in the strictest sense of the term!

Woke up this morning determined to snap out of my doom and gloom mood.  I had to work for one thing!  So put on my slightly rusty ‘armour’ and went out to face the day.  Work done, been to Asda, made cakes, done the ironing, and I feel so much better for it.  I’m not madly happy but I’m getting there……


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