Bloody Cars

Ok, so last week I was very proud of myself for rememebering to get my car MOT’d in time.  Two days later my car started behaving a little oddly, and has continued to do so all week.  Knowing I’m driving 100 miles on Sunday, and back Tuesday, I thought I’d better get it checked out.  To took it to the lovely men at a garage I’ve used before to have a look.  I was fairly sure it was the clutch, but was told it could only be the spark plugs, but neither are things I could check.  Oil and water – no problem, anything else….forget it!

Handed the key over and sat down to wait….30 minutes later the verdict arrived….it was the clutch.  The real damage was the cost though £450 – worst case scenario he said….So off I trotted to work, in the office today, but that’s another story.  Finished work, had some lunch, pottered around town and inevitably ended up at my friend M’s house.  Cup of tea and a chat, and the phone call came…’s serious…..oil is in the clutch, needs a part that won’t be available till tomorrow…and the cost is now £500…..BLOODY HELL

I just don’t have that kind of money, but I do need my car, my dad’s advice was: is it worth fixing?  well I can’t afford another so unless he was going to buy me one, I just need to borrow the money to get it fixed.  This has also left me up the creek without the proverbial paddle tomorrow…So much thought and head scratching means taxi’s….more bloody money!!!

It’s a time’s like this when I wished I’d found a rental place closer to my daughters school….

Ho Hum…..


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  1. John
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 23:13:21

    I think you need to find another garage, this guy is ripping you off. There’s no way a clutch should cost that much to replace. And it’s only an oil seal that needs replacing. I doubt if all the parts together would cost £100.
    If they haven’t started the work, I’d tell them not to bother and get someone else to look at it for you.


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