Woo Hoo, got my car back, ok so it came to far too much money, but it’s working better than ever!  So almost worth all the hassle  and the £12 taxi fare to school this morning….also it does mean my trip up the M1 on sunday will be a little more happy, won’t be worried about calling out those lovely men in their orange vans…

Speaking of…it’s looking set to be an epic few days…..

Tomorrow, usual Saturday things with my daughter, then she’s off to her dads and my friend M and I are off out!  Dinner at a pub first, then back to hers to get all pretty, well as best as we can, before hitting the casino…..she’s hoping for men with money, more like men losing money….but should be a good night.  Staying over at hers so we can have a proper de-brief in the morning. 

Then I think I’ll need a nap, as I get to spend 2 nights in a row with my man!  I think he’s wants to make up for last time (if you’ve read previous entries you’ll know).  And I want to make the most of it too!!!

Back home early tuesday for work, and then my amazing step brother (who knows people, if you know what I mean) is taking my daughter and I off to the ballet in London, and because he knows people we get to go backstage after….can’t even begin to describe how excited my daughter is….

Anyway more of those as they happen….Wishing you all a happy weekend too xxx


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  1. John
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 20:20:20

    What a difference 24 hours makes! At least the car got fixed in time to make all that running about possible, that must be a relief.
    I’ve never been to a Casino and I’ve a feeling I’d hate it. Putting money onto a near certain loser is not something that comes easily. I’m told it’s all part of the fun, but I just don’t get it. I guess I wasn’t born with the gambler gene.
    Have a wonderful time with your man, you deserve to have some fun. Let’s hope he’s recognised that his card’s been marked.
    Now that’s a girl thing, the ballet. I was enthusiastically offered tickets to the ballet by my interpreter when I was in Leningrad on business. She couldn’t grasp the fact that I wasn’t remotely interested. I went for a walk instead, and found an interesting marshalling yard where they were shunting trains. Much more my cup of tea.


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