New Friends….

So I’ve not blogged for a few days, busy (again) and not really had much to say to be honest.  I found this process very therapeutic at the beginning and think I may just dip in and out as and when required now….

I belong to a dating site, that is less about actual dating than meeting  up for a bit of the other (if you get my meaning?).  Through this site and under various pseudonyms I have met some very interesting people.  I have met the man – my man….and also others.  Some were very much to scratch a mutual itch.  Some were potential friends with benefits (which never quite worked out for one reason or another) .  And others have turned into really good friends.  Well one in particular, he’s somewhat older than me and very much out of my normal area.  But I was lured in by a beautiful, well written and intelligent diary entry, and one message to him about his entries and a good friendship sparked. 

 We eventually managed to set a date to meet, purely as friends.  It was one of the loveliest, most relaxed looooooong lunches I’ve had in, well ages!  I admit I was rather nervous about meeting another man, since I’ve become so heavily involved with mine.  But a big hug and a present of chocolate and the ice was broken.  Now, although I do prefer tall slim men, I try to keep an open mind to other types, and he is tall and very slim!  We had the most wonderful conversation and covered god knows how many subjects, only marred by the untimely interruption of a message from my man to say he’s going away Monday for ten days.  So after a little hiccough and much apologising on my part we soon got back on track.

I have to say for an older guy in an age group I wouldn’t normally consider he was lovely.  Not sure I found him as sexually attractive as I was hoping to, but never say never…..

(oh and I know he’ll be reading this….so don’t get too many ideas you!!!)


Busy Busy….

Ok, so I am perfectly well aware that my blogs are neither ground breaking or amazing literature, but they do help to keep me sane.  They let me get out all sorts of things I’m feeling that I don’t have any other release for currently.  Thanks to those of you who have found me and read them!

Right, to business then!

I haven’t blogged for a few days as I have been insanely busy (see previous blog)  I did have a fab night with my friend M, we went out for a quick bite to eat, and ended up bringing huuuuuuge slices of cake back to hers, which we then consumed while drinking wine and watching a movie.  Eventually we decided that getting ready to go out would be a good idea, at 9pm…We were so pleased with oursleves all dressed up we took some pictures!  And if I was clever enough I’d have uploaded one.  We got to the casino just after 10 and were back at hers by 12.30  Not quite the night we were expecting, but made a lovely change of scene, and a fab excuse to put on a dress and heels.  As you probably don’t know much about me yet I’ll tell you I am very much NOT a dress and heels kinda gal!  So with tea, toast and in pyjamas we sat setting the world to rights till 2.30 in the morning.  I am so rubbish at late nights now, I must be getting old!  It was nice to stay over, but I was so tired the next day I went home and to bed, to try and prepare for the next few days!!

Sunday evening found me driving to meet my man, a 2 hour drive, but knowing we had two nights and an entire day together I was sooooooo excited.  And it was everything I wanted it to be.  He certainly wanted to make up for last time!!!  My man is a workaholic and I am always amazed he can take time off work to spend an evening with me without working, he took Monday off pretty much completely!  He didn’t go into the office at the crack of dawn so we had a lovely lie in…..went out for a lovely drive through the countryside and ended up in Stratford Upon Avon.  I have to say there’s not a lot to see there!  It might be different in the summer, but at this time it’s pretty dull.  But it did give us much needed time together, being able to go out and hold hands and kiss in public was priceless.  So we returned to our hotel room where he did have a little work to do, as did I, so we sat at our respective laptops for a couple of hours, with the odd kiss and cuddle interrupting…. And another night in his arms….bliss….it was just a bugger that I had to get up at 6 to drive back to get to work for 9am….so I was the one leaving at the crack of dawn this time.

And Lastly the ballet…beautiful, stunning, amazing, and oh my goodness….those men’s tights leave very little to the imagination!!!!!!!! It was a long trip, but so worth it, my step-brother knows the producer and arranged for us to go backstage in the interval to see the stage and meet some of the dancers, a bit tricky since they were all Russian and spoke very little English!  But my dance mad daughter was absolutely thrilled and it’s certainly made her want to try extra hard in her ballet lessons….though I’m fairly sure I won’t be seeing her up on stage too soon!