New Friends….

So I’ve not blogged for a few days, busy (again) and not really had much to say to be honest.  I found this process very therapeutic at the beginning and think I may just dip in and out as and when required now….

I belong to a dating site, that is less about actual dating than meeting  up for a bit of the other (if you get my meaning?).  Through this site and under various pseudonyms I have met some very interesting people.  I have met the man – my man….and also others.  Some were very much to scratch a mutual itch.  Some were potential friends with benefits (which never quite worked out for one reason or another) .  And others have turned into really good friends.  Well one in particular, he’s somewhat older than me and very much out of my normal area.  But I was lured in by a beautiful, well written and intelligent diary entry, and one message to him about his entries and a good friendship sparked. 

 We eventually managed to set a date to meet, purely as friends.  It was one of the loveliest, most relaxed looooooong lunches I’ve had in, well ages!  I admit I was rather nervous about meeting another man, since I’ve become so heavily involved with mine.  But a big hug and a present of chocolate and the ice was broken.  Now, although I do prefer tall slim men, I try to keep an open mind to other types, and he is tall and very slim!  We had the most wonderful conversation and covered god knows how many subjects, only marred by the untimely interruption of a message from my man to say he’s going away Monday for ten days.  So after a little hiccough and much apologising on my part we soon got back on track.

I have to say for an older guy in an age group I wouldn’t normally consider he was lovely.  Not sure I found him as sexually attractive as I was hoping to, but never say never…..

(oh and I know he’ll be reading this….so don’t get too many ideas you!!!)


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  1. John
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 18:34:41

    Well he sounds like he was a lucky guy to have had your attention for so long when he clearly doesn’t fit in with your preference.
    How odd that you should want to find him attractive, surely that would have complicated things with ‘your man’?
    Who knows what’s going on in the mind of a lady, sure as hell I don’t!
    I’m pleased meeting him didn’t ruin your friendship as it easily might have done.
    Let’s hope the next ten days fly by so you can have some quality time with your man.


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