Family time

Friday was the step mothers birthday, so that meant a family dinner last night, now generally I’m all in favour of a free meal and spending time with my brother and his wife and my dad, but I just can’t help that after having had step-siblings for the best part of 30 years I still can’t get used to them.  They drive me nuts, my step brother is boorish, commands all conversations and just seems to be the only one with the ‘right’ opinion.  My step sister was a nightmare as a child (and that’s a whole other story) but has mellowed with age, but still can be incredibly bitchy and spent a good portion of the evening whispering into her brothers ear about god knows what… I have no problem with her having her own opinion but surely she could either include the rest of us or save the whispering for another time….

As the oldest and currently most hard up I seem to get judged on my lack of ‘proper job’, lack of money, being a single mother and lack of partner.  I do feel like somewhat   failure. my step siblings bought the step mother a Kindle Fire HD….a fabulous present that costs the best part of £160, I bought a £12 jigsaw puzzle…..I am hoping that it’s the thought that counts and not the cost, but it just seems very one-sided.

And today it is finally snowing in my town and my daughter has gone to her fathers so no fun in the snow for me, just boredom and loneliness.  Oh well at least the house will be clean and tidy……


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  1. John
    Jan 20, 2013 @ 12:02:42

    I guess your step family just have different social values to you. Take no notice, nobody has the right to judge your, your lifestyle or your achievements (which are many). You played your part, which was only right, and you know where you stand.
    Just thank your lucky stars that you can go home and be the person you want to be.


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