At last….back to work….with a vengeance! I usually work mornings or afternoons and only occasionally both. So after 2 weeks of doing very little I am now completely shattered. I spent the morning helping a colleague tidy and stock take a container full of….well junk, but felt very productive and plays to all my strengths, (OCD, and organising and sorting). Then a quick lunch and back out on my bike work, though that was cut short due to the very cold weather. Picked the child up from school took her to get her hair cut, finally home to have to then organise her for her weekend away with her dad.

My good friend M has just left after a lovely catch up over a takeaway with Top Gun burbling away in the background. Our original plan was to go out, but I pleaded tiredness and the fact it’s bloody freezing out as good reasons to stay in. So even though it will be a long weekend on my own I’ve had good company to start it off. Beddy byes time for me now…..nighty night xx


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