Not so boring after all…..

Well considering this weekend was supposed to be lonely and boring I haven’t stopped…..

After M turning up friday evening for a takeaway and a chat, I ended up staying up to watch a terrible film on tv, it was so bad I can’t even remember the title and that isn’t like me at all.  Saturday I did a decent bit of housework before a lovely shopping trip, again with M.  Bought a bargain dress in Debenhams sale, very pleased with it I am too!

On friday i bought a whole load of oddments of fabric with the view to making a patchwork quilt for my daughter, so looking at the one I made for myself 20 years ago I thought i had the shape correct, but it would appear I got confused with my hexagons and octagons….hexagons do fit into each other, octagons don’t!  So without realising this I sewed a whole load together, then trying to piece them together I realised the stupid mistake I had made, so spent all saturday evening unpicking…..and this afternoon putting it all back together….

And to top it all off on my 10 mile training ride this morning it actually hailstoned!!!  That really was most unpleasant.




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