One Way Or Another

I think it’s time I told you about my love life….or what seems to constitute as one.

Please don’t judge me but T is a married man. This of course makes life very complicated. We have been seeing each other for nearly two years, so before I left my now ex-husband. It started, for both of us as a mutual need for company of the other sex. Neither of us was getting what we needed at home. I was on the verge of leaving my husband anyway, but seeing how other men could be, made that decision easier. I didn’t leave my husband for T and when I did, I made it clear that I wouldn’t be asking him to leave his wife and family. We fell in love….

It was never the idea, but it happened. We have always been sexually attracted to each other and it didn’t take long before we found we were very much on the same wavelength about most things. Now T is a workaholic and works away from home a lot. At the beginning this was great as we spent a night a week together when my daughter was with her father. But the last year his work changed and he has been working away a lot. I have managed to spend some time with him despite this but it has been hard.

Our main form of communication is via bbm, we message all day everyday, and I think sometimes that this is just too much, but when I don’t hear from him I begin to worry. This brings me round to what I wanted to say today. Last night he flew in from his latest trip (he is away monday to thursday routinely) and after driving home he sent me a message to say so, as normal. I was shattered last night and falling asleep on the sofa.  Now. we are in a routine of wishing each other a good night and other lovey things before going to sleep, but last night I didn’t. I don’t know why I didn’t, it could be he wasn’t talking as much as usual so I didn’t bother, or I was so tired i just couldn’t think about it…..I don’t know. So this morning I woke to a whole load of messages saying how worried he was about me. I apologised, I did feel bad, but it’s not like he has never done the same to me!  So today has been hard, I want to talk to him, I know he is working, but his messages have been minimal at best….so for now I give up. If he wants to talk I guess he will.

I will make sure I wish him good night tonight, I can’t face another day like today. We have always had our ups and downs like any couple, but I just feel that things are coming to a head… way or another………


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. John
    Feb 08, 2013 @ 16:33:12

    it’s so easy to read to much into little changes in routine because you rely on them so heavily for your security. Try not to panic, just steady the ship and see what happens


  2. honestlucy
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 23:20:05

    Love your honesty, a good read


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