Weird Weekend

So T and I got over our hiccup the other day. It’s getting harder and harder each time one of us has a ‘wobble’.  I think we got over it this time as we are actually seeing each other tomorrow, and he is staying the night. I feel that had we not had that occasion coming up then things would have only got more strained.

He had his kid’s birthday party this morning and sent me some lovely pictures of his kids at the play centre they went to. I feel I know them so well as we spend a lot of time talking about our children. I just wonder if I will ever get to meet them. I am fully prepared in my mind to be their stepmother.

Life just seems to be dealing me a low blow at the moment. I am struggling to get my thoughts in any kind of order where T is concerned. He sent me a message a while ago to say that some friends of his wife had turned up unannounced, now to me that doesn’t seem such an unusual thing on a Saturday night, and it must happen from time to time. So for now he is being sociable and not enjoying any of it.

I, on the other hand am being anti social, my daughter has gone to her dads for the rest of the weekend now, the reason being is I am training tomorrow morning for the charity bike ride I am doing in March.  It would be a far to early start for her and my ex otherwise.  So my daughter is at her dads, T is being sociable, my friends seem to be elsewhere so I’m feeling kind of lost.

Oh and the best thing is my BT Vision box is playing up so I’m not getting all the channels I should be despite re-tuning it several times….feel like giving up and just going to bed!!!



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