Valentines….What Else??

I got roses… a box……..

Better than nothing I know. But they’re red, and again I can imagine you saying ‘So? That’s traditional’. Well we are not traditional, not in the slightest, and T knows I don’t ‘do’ red roses, he has always sent me white, so when I sent a message to say thanks he was really pissed off because his order was wrong. I am pleased he remembered I prefer white, but to be honest I was more pleased he’d actually made the effort!  He does like things to be exactly as expected.  And the reason I don’t ‘do’ red roses is they made up the majority of my bouquet when I got married (which I am now not).

We had a bit of a minor falling out the other day and have since kind of made up.  I am trying to send him more messages as he was feeling that I only ever replied to anything he sent and did not send anything randomly like I used to do.  I think I changed the way I messaged as I felt I was interrupting him working and spent ages waiting for a reply, and I’m somewhat impatient so not very good with that bit.  So apparently he lives for the messages I send so for the last two days he has been inundated with random things, but he doesn’t seem to be fed up yet so I guess I’m on the right track….

Now all I need to do is to get him to give me some answers……

He is stuck abroad at the moment as the airport staff are on strike.  He was due back tonight, then tomorrow and now he has no idea.  He had a huge argument with his wife about not getting back, it’s hardly his fault, but he gets so much crap for working away anyway it just compounded it.  I see it that he works bloody hard to provide a good life for his family.  He is a workaholic, and lives to work, rather than works to live, but I am slowly making him see it needs to be the latter rather than the former.   I hope he can get home this weekend as his kids need to see him.  And me…..maybe…..if I’m lucky…..but I’m not holding my breath.



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