A New Man In My Life

Not of the two legged variety though, he has four legs a tail, claws and purrs!

He came with the name Ceefor, my daughter and I would prefer to call him Aston, but he doesn’t seem to answer to much apart from strokes!  And at this precise moment is quite put out that I’m not paying him any attention. Though he seems to have discovered his food bowl, by the sounds coming from the kitchen. So like all men really….attention seeking and wanting a full stomach….I love it!

We didn’t even mean to get him, we have been thinking about it for a while and I had said only friday that I#d look into what goes in to adopting a rescue cat this week.  Then in my local paper I noticed there was a re-homing day on at a local cattery on Saturday, so off we trotted.  Ceefor/Aston was the first cat they showed us,  a 10-year-old tabby, and he took to my daughter straight away, which is saying something as she is a scary child sometimes.  She  gets a bit over excited around animals….god knows why though.  Any way we looked at a couple of others, one, a gorgeous little black and white one year old who also seemed ok with my daughter, but my heart had already fallen for the old boy.

So after filling out forms and having a home check and the previously mentioned trip to the pet shop we were all ready to go. All a bit of a surprise really. but it was a long weekend without Lizzie and waiting for Aston.  But picking him up today was great, just watching him explore his new home and he seems to have found his spot on the sofa already.

I know he will keep me better company than any other male, and as independent as cats can be he  is an old boy so all he wants is to eat and sleep and be petted lots.


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