Mapping My Rides

Planning 30 mile plus routes around where I live is easier said than done! I need to build up those miles as it’s only 3 weeks till the 75 mile charity ride. I have built up a lovely little group to ride with on the weekends that there are no official training rides being run, and we all come up with routes, some of which are more practical than others, mostly due to one of our number being incredibly unlucky when it comes to punctures. So between us we’ve come up with two remarkably similar routes, but it does take us right out into the countryside but with no support vehicles it’s a long walk home! So I’ve come up with a route that zig zags across town.

I have tried various different ways of planning routes: Cycling Buddy – Google Maps, and Map My Ride –

Google Maps is ok, but hard to assess as a cyclist, Map My Ride was awful, made no sense and kept clicking on to a route that wasn’t the one I wanted, just a more direct one, then one of my cycling buddies pointed me in the direction of Cycling Buddy, much more user friendly! It saves your routes and also shows you other people’s routes and distances they cover along with maps. The only trouble I had was printing the map out so it was readable, and that is more than likely down to my lack of computer skills.

So we are all hoping for slightly warmer weather tomorrow…..


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