Life Doesn’t Always Suck

So, laying awake in bed at 3 this morning I had an epiphany, well not so much of a revelation really, but realised I have been very much ‘woe is me’ recently. I think it’s all relative, but at the end of the day (god how I dislike those clichéd sayings) I do have a job, a roof over my head (which is my own) a loving child and an amazing and supportive network of family and friends (though I am often too proud to ask for help).

There are people who are so much worse off and I know some that are. Yet they seem to just keep on living and surviving. They don’t know if they will have a home from one day to the next, unsure where the next meal is coming from and how to clothe their kids. But they do, and with a lot less complaining than me….

So I think I need to pull myself together, pull my socks up, buck my ideas up (yeah, yeah, more clichés) and start looking at what I have to be grateful for, rather than what I don’t.

Oh and then I had to get up and go for a wee, only to find the cat had already done one, on the bathroom mat…..


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