A Thank You

Just a quickie, to say thank you to all my lovely new followers and likers. I am so pleased that there are people out there reading my ramblings…..and liking them too! I will do my best to get around to having a look at your blogs too…..I promise!


Dear Diary….

This is becoming less of a blog and more of a public diary….but then perhaps that’s what a blog is. Only having spent a bit more time reading other peoples blogs they seem much more focussed on one subject, whereas mine tend to ramble from home to work to kids to romance to sex…. and all things in-between.

This week as I have said hasn’t been the best for seeing T, things seem to be conspiring against us. So I was a bit petty yesterday and just couldn’t be bothered to talk to him, I can only assume I couldn’t go away with him last night as he had to work as soon as he arrived, but it turned out not to be as late as usual. So minimal messaging, which is unlike us, and due to the time difference he went to bed an hour earlier than me, this is highly unusual, as even then he’s normally up working late. So I sent him a message saying I was struggling with the situation and that I need him to give me some answers as to where he saw this going. So I haven’t had any answers….yet…….and messages today have been stilted to say the least. So to break the ice I just told him that I needed things to be right between us again and it kind of worked….I hope…

I am child free this thursday and since his family are away this week I thought I’d try to drop that into the half conversation we are kind of having right now as he normally flies back thursday night….but what have I just been told…yep…he’s now there till friday…

We just never get a break.