Damn Weather

So I’m due to ride  my bike from Cambridge to Southend on Saturday in aid of the British Heart Foundation, but the weather is threatening to stop it. It’s 75 miles and in potentially freezing conditions with rain and snow forecast it won’t be much fun. I am very much a tortoise rather than a hare when riding and I was predicting a 7-8 hour ride on a good day, let alone into a 25 mph wind combined with rain. Other more experienced riders are dropping out all over the place so I’m wondering if it really is worth it now….

I just have to keep an eye on the official websites for updates, but if it isn’t on, I’m looking at a weekend on my own, as my daughter is going to her dads tomorrow evening due to the stupidly early start on Saturday of meeting the coach at 5.45am!

Fingers crossed that spring decides to put in an unexpected appearance eh?


It’s Not Too Late

So due to the damned white stuff I’m unable to work today. It’s a pain, because if I don’t work I don’t get paid. On the flip side I have a stinky cold and currently running hot and cold alternately so considering my job  working outside this is probably a good thing.

All I want to do is eat….I eat so much when I’m ill, unfortunately nothing proper, just junk…

Ok that’s enough moaning.

I watched a lovely little film last night called ‘Seeking a Friend For the End of the World’. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1307068/?ref_=sr_1
Steve Carell is very much not one of my favourite actors but in this film he was very touching and Keira Knightly plays the usual ditsy Brit stranded in New York. This isn’t a film review (though I highly recommend it), but more that it made me think about why people wait so long to do things. Why wait till you have weeks to live, for whatever reason, to do something you always wanted to?  Get out there and do it now before it’s too late.  Words for us all to live by, but few of us actually do.


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it yet, but at the end of March I am doing a 75 mile bike ride for charity.  Now even though my job involves quite a bit of cycling I’m not really the fittest of the bunch. So this seemed like a good way of having something to work for, to fill spare time, loose a bit of weight and get a bit fitter. In my part of the country we have been lucky enough not to get as much snow as the rest of the country so I thought today I would be fairly safe doing a road/cycle path route today, about 15 miles was my plan. needless to say within a mile of my front door I came off…..Luckily on a cycle path and not too heavily as I had slowed down due to a slushy patch, but now have a sore bum and leg.  Only did 12 1/2 miles, but I was sore, achy and cold by that time….

I also had an interesting discussion with M (one of my very good friends) Now a few months ago I had a tattoo done on my left hip of a white rose with a green celtic style stem.  I love it, but recently I have been thinking of having another one done either adding to what I have or a small one elsewhere on my body.  So M today asked me how much it hurt because she was thinking of having one done!  Now this took me completely by surprise as when I had mine done she swore blind she would never disfigure her body in such a way.  So my pain rating was 7 on a scale of 1-10, she baulked at that!!  But I do feel that she will go for it this year.  As will I – when I’ve decided on my design that is.

Stir Crazy

As I’ve said previously I do love my job, but now Thursdays work has been cancelled too….So feeling rather bored and fed up now.

I bought myself a wireless mouse on sunday as I keep breaking conventional ones, and on my Facebook page I have been joking that it’s more than likely to get lost, today I have picked it up several times instead of my phone, despite the fact they are different colours (red and purple respectively) and different shapes. So feeling exceptionally bored today I thought it could be fun to give my mouse his own Facebook page and to post things to it that I find interesting on my travels through the internet. My daughter thinks I am bonkers and my friends too….and I’m not sure they’re wrong….

Stir Crazy indeed.

But good news the snow has melted enough so tomorrow I’m off on my bike for a couple of hours, thank goodness!!

Fingers Crossed

I love snow…..

It makes the world look so pretty and clean, except for my white garden wall which now looks a murky grey colour. I love putting on my snow boots and making giant footsteps in to fresh snow.  I love watching it fall, little sparkles in the street lights.  Sledging, snowmen, snow angels, I don’t even mind clearing my front path.

I hate snow….

I mean all I said above, but it stops me working, my job is predominantly an outside one and I love it to pieces, I get so much satisfaction from doing it and it is, I truly believe a worthwhile one,  but last week I worked the sum total of one and a half hours and this week is being cancelled quicker than the snow is melting.  This leave me in a sticky situation as paying next months bills is going to be bloody tricky with no money coming in.

Well I guess I’ll just have to sit it out and hope that there won’t be any more.  Fingers crossed please?

Family time

Friday was the step mothers birthday, so that meant a family dinner last night, now generally I’m all in favour of a free meal and spending time with my brother and his wife and my dad, but I just can’t help that after having had step-siblings for the best part of 30 years I still can’t get used to them.  They drive me nuts, my step brother is boorish, commands all conversations and just seems to be the only one with the ‘right’ opinion.  My step sister was a nightmare as a child (and that’s a whole other story) but has mellowed with age, but still can be incredibly bitchy and spent a good portion of the evening whispering into her brothers ear about god knows what…..now I have no problem with her having her own opinion but surely she could either include the rest of us or save the whispering for another time….

As the oldest and currently most hard up I seem to get judged on my lack of ‘proper job’, lack of money, being a single mother and lack of partner.  I do feel like somewhat   failure. my step siblings bought the step mother a Kindle Fire HD….a fabulous present that costs the best part of £160, I bought a £12 jigsaw puzzle…..I am hoping that it’s the thought that counts and not the cost, but it just seems very one-sided.

And today it is finally snowing in my town and my daughter has gone to her fathers so no fun in the snow for me, just boredom and loneliness.  Oh well at least the house will be clean and tidy……