It’s Not Too Late

So due to the damned white stuff I’m unable to work today. It’s a pain, because if I don’t work I don’t get paid. On the flip side I have a stinky cold and currently running hot and cold alternately so considering my job  working outside this is probably a good thing.

All I want to do is eat….I eat so much when I’m ill, unfortunately nothing proper, just junk…

Ok that’s enough moaning.

I watched a lovely little film last night called ‘Seeking a Friend For the End of the World’.
Steve Carell is very much not one of my favourite actors but in this film he was very touching and Keira Knightly plays the usual ditsy Brit stranded in New York. This isn’t a film review (though I highly recommend it), but more that it made me think about why people wait so long to do things. Why wait till you have weeks to live, for whatever reason, to do something you always wanted to?  Get out there and do it now before it’s too late.  Words for us all to live by, but few of us actually do.


What is it with the weekend?

Yes, it’s still only eight o’clock on saturday morning, but I’ve been given cause to write already!

So there I was dozing in bed at seven ish….when I heard my daughter (we’ll call her L11) getting up… this is mad, during the week when I struggle to get her up for school at 7.30, the weekend she can hop out of bed at 7.15, saying she couldn’t sleep!  Why can’t she do that during the week, it would save so many arguments and general whingyness on both sides?

She does have cold, well a snotty nose, so she’s worked her way through two boxes of tissues in the last day and a half, so I guess this may have something to do with the early rise.  I’m dreading entering her bedroom….the floor will be carpeted with disgusting snotty tissues…ewwww.

And what will happen tomorrow when she needs to get up before nine to go to her fathers?  Yep, you guessed….arguments and whinging!